If you haven’t yet discovered Widow Maker Saloon & Barber you’re missing out on the best barbershop experience in Cape Town. It’s a terrific space dedicated to making men look and feel good. Situated at the top of Long Street (next to the Turkish Baths) Widow Maker offers the full raft of traditional barbering services, a selection of top-notch grooming products and the most comfortable leather washbasin-chairs you’ll ever experience.

Manly old-school barbershop charm, professional service and the added allure of a large sunny balcony make Widow Maker the place to go for a quick tidy up or a full-scale overhaul. While you’re at it enjoy a coffee (whiskey optional), listen to music, check mails, relax and leave looking good.

Even better, there will be another Widow Maker opening opposite Tiger’s Milk in Long Street this Feb.

Take a 3D walk through one of our favourite barber stores in Cape Town.