Photography Tim Gerges

By default, checks have a good habit of making you look refined. And it’s a partnership you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. Whether you opt for a discreet Gun Club, dignified Prince of Wales or a classic Plaid, there’s a check for the least, and the most sartorially adventurous.

Coat R2299.00, Jacket R1499.00, Pants R629.00, Shirt R429.00, Crewneck Knit R629.00, all H&M

Jacket R2495.00, Pants R995.00, Poloneck R695.00 all CSquared

Raincoat R1199.00, Jacket R1399.00, Pants R899.00 all ZARA MAN, Knit Polo top, R629.00, H&M

Jacket R2495.00, Pants, R995.00, Shirt R695.00, Lapel pin R150.00, Pocket square R199.00 and Double Monk Strap shoes R1995.00 all CSquared

Fashion director | Neil Doveton
Photographer | Tim Gerges
Assistant photographer | Clinton Dorr
Designer | De Wet van Rensburg @ glitch
Model | Nicholas Stanley @ Boss Models
* Prices and product availability are subject to change