In today’s era of excessive trash generation and mass disposal, newly launched Cape Town based YOUR BADGE STATEMENT is not just any old bag company – it’s THE bag company every environmentally conscious man needs to know about.

Routed firmly in sustainability, YOUR BADGE STATEMENT was founded in 2018 by South African born designer, Jill Barrington-Roberts, whose core focus is the development of GOOD BAG HABITS for the fiercely conscious, good-bag-habit loving, statement-makers of the world.

Recognising the iconic shape of the “shunned by shoppers” and “hated by environmentalist’s” plastic bag as a shape that should not be trashed, the YOUR BADGE STATEMENT’S Urban Shopper was born.

Reimagined in repurposed locally produced recyclable decorative shade netting (traditionally used for tension structures) selected for its strength, fade-resistant colours and recyclability, YOUR BADGE STATEMENT’S collections of reusable urban shoppers speak for themselves!