Levi’s® Introduces the cuffed Hi-Ball Roll – designed to show off your hype-worthy sneakers!

In 2019 Levi’s® is amping up its offering of tapered jeans as the move toward ‘casualisation’ and the ‘sneaker culture’ continues to boom. Celebrating the trend, the ever-popular Levi’s® Men’s Taper Hi-Ball Roll of last season gets cuffed this time around, maxing footwear exposure!

Upping the style ante with piecing, panelling, and street-inspired novelty, this season Levi’s® Introduces the Hi-Ball in Coho Creek Moto and Stoned Poppy. Tapered and pre-cuffed to achieve that perfect cropped length, the Hi-Ball Roll is offered in a range of stretch and soft fabrics, including Tencel® Lyocell and the new Z-Twist as Levi’s® continues to diversify in our ‘comfort’ benefits.

If you’re not already wearing a pair, you and your kicks are missing out!

Hi-Ball Roll Coho Creek Moto jeans R1299.00, Levi’s® stores.

Hi-Ball Roll Stoned Poppy jeans, R1299.00, Levi’s® stores.