September is national Oral Health Month, which amongst many things, also means people are going to be taking particular notice of your “smile”. Arm yourself with Sunstar GUM Soft-Picks Advanced, the only curved dental picks on the market, now available in small, regular and large options. With a size for every smile, GUM Soft-Picks Advanced are perfect for cleaning narrow or wide interdental spaces.

Ideal for anyone who finds flossing a fuss, GUM Soft-Picks Advanced are curved to follow the natural shape of the jaw making it easy to reach between each tooth – even those right at the back. The soft rubber bristles gently dislodge food and plaque, whilst giving the gums a gentle micro-massage.

And so that you and your smile are never caught off guard, there’s a handy travel case in each pack!

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced are available from Clicks, selected dentists, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay and pharmacies. Recommended retail price R89 (for a pack of 30 including a handy travel case).

For more info visit http://www.ivohealth.co.za/