Sun is out. And with it we’re guessing your swimwear – right? But, before you consider exposing your dry winter skin to all and sundry, may we suggest a little personal grooming first? Where to start? Moisturise.

But before you dash out to the local supermarket to pick up a bulk-size bottle of cheap body lotion you need to know not all moisturisers are the same.

To spare you the laborious scientific jargon and research, you basically get 2 types of moisturisers – aqueous based and emollients with a lipid component. The up side of emollients like Epi-max®, an all-purpose emollient moisturiser, is that they increase the skins hydration (water content) by creating a barrier that reduces evaporation of water from the skin. So it’s two fold really – you’re applying more moisture and at the same time reducing dehydration.

Epi-max® is all you need to get your body prepped, top to bottom.