All American vintage brand Russell Athletic, original founder of the sweatshirt and hoodie over a hundred years ago, have just released their 2016 Winter Collection in SA.

If, like us, you’ve ever wondered about the origin of that mysterious triangular patch of fabric, often but not always ribbed, below the collar of the classic sweatshirt: what it is and why it’s there? Well these days it’s lovingly called the “dorito” but we can thank Benjamin Russell for its origin – designed to give maneuverability to the crew neckline of the then sports uniform sweatshirt.

Next came the hoodie – beloved wardrobe staple of men all over the world today. And with the rise of athleisure in menswear you can take your off-duty kit or office attire to the next level by incorporating any of these luxurious Russell Athletic pieces. We like, a lot.