Shane Burnell is a feast of visual intrigue. His tattoo-covered body has flung him onto the covers of magazines and the pages of fashion editorials world wide. I use the word flung with intent – that’s rather how it’s been for Shane over the past few months.

I don’t think anyone, let alone he, could have imagined how quickly he’d become celebrated, or that the years of leers would so rapidly turn to cheers! Beneath the rather intimidating wrapping is a really likeable guy, unaffected by his rise in popularity – a man comfortable in his own skin. I like this most about him. Perhaps then, there is more to tattoos than meets the eye? Over a cyber coffee I get to know more about more about the man behind the tats.




a Bar of chocolate of course!


Mmm…At the moment it has to be the Nissan GTR. Sexy thing.


I only wear one accessory and I wear it all the time – my Dad’s wedding band.

Favourite tool?

I would have to say me – lol!


Fucking love it … Any coffee goes.


Dental floss


Durex – seems to work the best.


My Mothers kitchen.


Supra & Vans – anything that kicks well too.

Style icon?



Ari Gold from Entourage.


Yeah, sometimes after yoga.




I’m living in it!

Holiday destination?

I’ll take any holiday right now thanks!


The Mother.


You mean Motel?


Blues eyes and soft skin 😉



Style tip?

Don’t get caught wearing your ladies underwear.

Grooming tip?

Shave the pits.


A la naturaaaal – but only once the pits have been shaved.


Hopefully I’ll be a STAR some day. Grin.

Home décor item?

My queen size bed.

Any OCD compulsions?  

… … … Some

Low-down on your worst cringe moment?

When you have to shower at gym and you forget your slops. Ugh.

Party trick?

… Have you seen me at a party yet?

Liken yourself to a cartoon character…

Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles

Best at?

Being extremist.

Worst at?

Being extremist.

Would you rather drink sour milk or go to the opera?


Can you sew on a button?

Name the time and place.

First job?

No comment. This is not a restricted site, right?

How often do you go for a pedicure?

Aren’t those for horses?

Wax your back?

Shit! I haven’t even got a chest hair yet and I’m 32

How do you get rid of errant nose hairs?

I confess – I own a nose hair trimmer.

Are you a fan of the budgie-smuggler?  

Only if you’re paying!!

Favourite movie line?

“Never go full retard!” – Tropic Thunder.

Have you ever used sex to further your career?

Being sexy – Yes, but never without the ‘y’!

Who would you choose to be stuck with on a deserted island?

The one, and only beautiful lady in my life of course.

Have you ever had a stalker?

You bet! I’ll post a screenshot of my Facebook inbox if you like?

What kind of movie star would you be?

Any kind of star will be just fine, thank you.

What turns you on?

Overly baggy clothing on a gorgeous woman

Favourite saying right now?

“What you need to understand is…”

Thanks Shane – I like you even more now!


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