I first saw Jason Anthony less than a year ago in a local fashion show. Clearly in a league of his own I knew instantly he was destined for great things. In a matter of just a few months Jason Anthony has walked for some of the greatest names in fashion (including Givenchy, Gucci, LV) been photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and Mert & Marcus (among others) and scooped some highly coveted campaigns such as Dior and Ferragamo. Today Jason Anthony is based in Paris and living his dream. Over a “cyber tea” (he doesn’t drink coffee) I got to know a bit more about the local boy behind the international modelling sensation.


Right now it’s any bar “screening” the world cup games. Im a football fanatic! Unfortunately Ivory Coast are out and as much as I’d now like to see Argentina win I reckon it’s going to go 4-1 in Germany’s favour. It should be an exciting final!


Too difficult to have only one favourite! My top 3 –  Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador and a classic Rolls Royce for special occasions.


Without a doubt Montblanc.

Favourite tool?

A hammer.


Um – I’m a tea man.


Nothing fancy, just a place you can have a good time and preferably eat Sushi.


Something comfortable. As a model I spend a lot of time “hotfooting” it to castings.  Right now I am on a quest for the perfect pair of boots.


Biographies. I am fascinated and inspired by peoples life stories.


Thought provoking ones with a twist. And a good love story too.

Holiday destination?

A rough and dangerous adventure where you have to fend for yourself and hunt your own food. I would like that!!Alternately relaxing on the Bora Bora island.


Definitely still want to make my way to New York and Tokyo. But to date nowhere I’ve been has beaten the beauty of Cape Town (no bias, haha)


Any 3 Star Hotel. I like to keep it simple.


I’ve not yet paid for a haircut in 2014. Free cuts on set #winning!!

Politician and why?

Winston Churchill.

Any OCD compulsions?

I like to touch things.  I know it’s a bit weird but I learn alot from the way things feel. It got me into trouble at the Louvre when touching Leonardo da Vinci paintings – but thats another story.

Biggest fear?


Liken yourself to a cartoon character?  

Batman, naturally.

Would you rather drink sour milk or go to the opera?

Opera. I like to experience new things – I’ve done sour milk before.

Favourite dish to serve?

Pronutro. I burn toast!!

First job?

A casual at Factorie clothing store in canal walk. I lasted a month. But met some really cool people.

How often do you go for a pedicure?

Is that the one for  hands? Oops – no, it’s for feet right? We get manicures before each show. I keep my toes and feet well groomed myself. It’s a model thing.

Wax your back?

I dont even have chest hair yet!!!

How do you get rid of errant nose hairs?

Pluck them.

If you could be a woman who would you be?

Angela Merckel because shes a Boss!!

Favourite movie line?

Hasta la vista, baby/ say hello to my little friend/ Im gonna make you an offer you cannot refuse/ life is like a box of chocolates…would you like a few more?!

Have you ever used sex to further your career?

Never have, never will.

Who would you choose to be stuck with on a deserted island?

Bear Grylls, of course.

Have you ever had a stalker?

In high school.

What turns you on?

Beauty, brains and morals. A difficult combination to find.

Favourite saying right now?

“Im going to show you how great I am” – Muhammad Ali.

And that you are Jason Anthony!