I met Aidan almost ten years ago. Me as the fashion director for Men’s Health, and Aidan an MH Look competition finalist. While the magnificent tattoos on his back definitely caught my eye, I was more intrigued by how down to earth he was.

As others preened and strutted their stuff, Aidan’s quiet confidence made him a standout. He was comfortable and modest – a pleasant surprise from someone blessed with Adonis-like genetics. While he didn’t win, he certainly carved out a successful career as a public persona, creeping into the hearts and homes of South Africans as the unassuming presenter on Top Billing.

These days, he’s a locally and internationally accomplished designer of furniture, product and spaces. Aidan also owns design store Stable.org.co.za in Cape Town, where local designers, artists and artisans showcase their work in a professional retail environment.

Over a cyber coffee I got to know more about the man behind the muscle.



Aces and Spades, Hout Street Cape Town – it’s a vibey fusion of throwback grunge and rock.


Mercedes G-Wagen for during the week – I like it’s spacious boxy styling. Weekends? Unquestionably the Porsche 911 Carrera RS – slick and sporty.


Nixon – there’s a watch for every man and every occasion.


I avoid unnecessary extras. That said I can’t forego sunglasses. I am a big fan of Persol Steve McQueen’s and Ray-Ban aviators in gold and black.

Favourite tool:

Hilti PDF laser measure and my classic black and rose gold Mont Blanc pen.


Cappuccino with two shots, only one a day.


My briefcase, inside is my laptop, tablet, laser measure, tape measure, torch, pen, diary


Tweed Hugo Boss tailored jacket


Dabbous in London. Food is presented with minimal exposition, and from that simple start point, it blows you away.


Retro Adidas sneeks for casual or my custom made Italian leather boots, made a by a cobbler I discovered in Milan

Style icon:

Why Steve Mcqueen and James Dean of course.


Black Swan – Nassiem Taleb


The diving cult classic The Big Blue by French director Luc Besson. fraternity.

Holiday destination:

Zanzibar for relaxing – Hong Kong for fun.






None – preferably (haha)

Style tip:

FTW – do your own thing.

Grooming tip:

Keep it short and clean. Everything.


Marc Jacobs – Bang


DIY Buzzcut

Home décor item:

Wiid Milk Stool by Laurie Wiid van Heerden – I am an avid fan of his work.

Any OCD compulsions:


Party trick:

I love doing handstands – it’s something to do with trying to turn the world the right way up.

Liken yourself to a cartoon character…

Aladdin – my fiance Jenna thinks I’m a bit of a rough diamond!

Most envious of:

Iron man

Best at:


Worst at:

Keeping the sand off my beach towel.

Would you rather drink sour milk or go to the opera?

Go to opera.

Have you ever had a secret desire to be a dancer? And what kind would you be?

Yes, in my previous life I was a geisha dancer

Can you sew on a button?

Of course.

Favourite dish to serve?

Spaghetti bolognese

Dirty little secret?

It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you. Right?

Philanthropic cause/calling?

Mentoring designers through my retail store stable www.stable.org.za

First job?

Racehorse Analyst Specimen Collector – we’d collect samples from the horses post-race. Usually urine in a long sanitised beaker. These specimens would be sent to labs to check for doping. And no this is not why I called my latest venture Stable.

How often do you go for a pedicure?

Weekly DIY, can’t stand other people fiddling with my toes.

Wax your back?

I’m not hairy.

Are you a fan of the budgie-smuggler?

It has its place.

If you could be a woman who would you be?

Kate Moss

Favourite movie line?

I Love Lamp – The Anchorman

Have you ever used sex to further your career?

Of course, I’m a creative – it’s my job to f*ck with peoples minds.

Who would you choose to be stuck with on a deserted island?

My fiancé Jenna, so that we can recreate Blue Lagoon!!!

Have you ever had a stalker?

Not really, only some seriously persistent online followers.

What kind of movie star would you be?

Robert Downey Jnr in Sherlock Holmes

Favourite saying right now?

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing” – rehash of Socrates original quote.