We’re big fans of Orlebar Brown here at MrDoveton. The short story behind the brand, (couldn’t resist the pun) is its founder, Adam Brown, a photographer and art director, was tired of going to the beach in the morning and then having to change again before heading off to a lunch-spot or beachside pub to meet with friends or clients. So these have been tailored like a great pair of shorts, including pockets and tonal side tabs, and work well with other clothing or simply as swimming trunks.

Inspired by a 1960s poolside utopia, the Orlebar Brown world draws inspiration from Slim Aarons’ iconic pictures of Riviera and Palm Beach life during that decade – a welcome reminder of the sophistication that once went with travel.

They’re a bit of an investment – most guys have never dropped this much on swim trunks – but it’s one that’s totally worth it. They’ll be double-duty and still last twice as long. Let’s just say you’ll be swimming in style for years to come.