Constantly on the go? Are meetings, calls to make and on-the-minute social notifications to check rendering your smart phone and iPad useful for about half the time required before you’re on the hunt for a 2-prong plug socket to charge it up?

Problem solved. Enter TAKE CHARGE.

TAKE CHARGE is a luxury, genuine leather iPad Cover/Bag collection designed and crafted in Cape Town, South Africa, with a purpose of extending your connection-to-the-world time. Equipped with a micro USB port and iPhone adapter, TAKE CHARGE bags are compatible with most smartphones, including all modern Samsungs, BlackBerry and iPhones, including the new iPhone 6. TAKE CHARGE allows you to fully charge your phone whilst on the go at least once before having to charge the battery-unit itself. The slim battery design has been cleverly placed in a secret and protected slip-pocket inside the bag.