Epi-max® Man Cream tub 400g R, Lotion pump bottle 450ml R, and Cream tube 100g R, available at Clicks, Dis-chem and Selected retailers.

As the weather warms and thoughts turn to swimwear and shorts, may I suggest prior to exposing your dry winter skin to all and sundry, a little personal grooming first. Where to start? Mositurise.

Before you dump any old gunk on your skin it’s important to know moisturisers are not all the same.

To spare you the laborious scientific jargon and research, you basically get 2 types of moisturisers – aqueous based and emollients with a lipid component. The upside of emollients like Epi-max® Man, that they increase the skins moisture content by creating a barrier that reduces evaporation of water from the skin. So it’s two fold really – you’re applying more moisture and at the same time reducing dehydration.

Epi-max® Man is all you need to get your body summer-ready, top to bottom.