Dion Chang needs little introduction. You may know him as the award-winning fashion phenomenon of the Nineties, or the brave skirt-wearing fashionista who dared express himself in an era when men seldom ventured beyond khaki chinos. Perhaps you recognise him as the savvy commentator in the media – from talk shows to his articulate columns in SA’s leading publications. Today, Dion Chang is the founder and owner of Flux Trends – a company that identifies and analyses macro global trends affecting social dynamics and business. Over a cyber coffee I got to know a bit more about the inspirational man behind the household name.

Occupation: Observer, Trend analyst- founder of Flux Trends [ www.fluxtrends.co.za ]



My Smart


Been There Roastery at work, or my Nespresso machine at home


The Test Kitchen


My original (now vintage) Row-G dinner jacket in a black pique.


My black and white 2 tone brogues (by G-Star Raw)


My Religion Jeans (The Zepplin)


Anything by Haruki Murakami

Style tip?

I only buy shoes that are unique and extraordinary. It takes longer to amass a collection but then it gradually becomes quite the collection.

Grooming tip?

Sunblock. Daily (sadly, you only discover this later in life)


Tom Ford, Grey Vetiver


Bethea’s Space (she only takes one client at a time).



Holiday destination?

Plettenberg Bay off season locally, Thailand internationally



Any OCD compulsions?

I like a clean kitchen. A VERY clean kitchen.

Can you sew on a button?

Of course, and with a shank.

Favourite dish to serve?

Revenge, served well chilled, rather than cold (there is a difference).

Are you a fan of the budgie-smuggler?

Depends who’s wearing it…

Who would you choose to be stuck with on a deserted island?

My partner Chris

Have you ever had a stalker?

A few, but try and see it as a compliment. My first one was stalking me from prison (charming, no?)

What would you like to “say” to men in general?

Stop trying to be “a man” and rather strive to be a gentleman – it’s far more challenging, and rewarding.

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