“Born and raised in Paris, I thought of something that would be unmistakably Parisian – the caddy! Inspired by the sights of shoppers in the markets of Paris, I once counted 109 caddies in two hours!! 

Then I started to think about the layering of these codes —— both LOUIS VUITTON’s and mine. The idea of lacquer occurred to me, especially it’s connection with Les Nabis, the group of post-impressionist avante-garde artsists who set the pace in Paris in the 1890’s and the Japanese influence in their work.

It was the marriage of colors and influences; on LOUIS VUITTON’s side the influence of Les Nabis on the MONOGRAM; on my side, being very French but also looking at something very Japanese and embracing my signature – the red sole – the idea of red lacquer. Of course, I had to have my red touch!