Diesel is never just a pair of jeans. It is a statement of personality, a way to express yourself. Reimagining the fabrics and styles worn by bikers of the 1950s and punks of the 1980s, Diesel is treated to another rebellious outing – Pop Riot.

“I was inspired by the spirit of the wolf. Wolves have both a sweet and aggressive side, and that duality in their nature is key. They are very free. They have no boundaries on what to wear for day or nighttime, what is dressy or what is casual — it’s all mixed up together in a modern way.” – Nicola Formichetti, creative director, on the Diesel Pop Riot collection.

Taking inspiration from the rebel youths of rockabilly `50s through to the punk defiance of the `80s to the house and grunge influences of the `90s, Pop Riot delivers a range of renegade silhouettes like truckers, and biker jackets and skinny pants are lifted with leathers, sewn on patches, spikes, studs and vibrant colour combinations.