The love child of Italian Americana, Diesel is once again a hybrid of contrasting cultures. This time around Diesel’s Pre-Spring collection draws inspiration from a mix of Japanese bikers and traditional Japanese clothing.

Creative director Nicola Formichetti explains: “This year marks 30 years since Diesel arrived in Japan and I wanted to celebrate this anniversary. I remember being excited by a noisy, nighttime biker gang that would pass by in the suburbs where I’m from. They had a style which fused America and Japan, and specifically wore sukajan” – Mixing two traditions and cultures, sukajan are souvenir bombers originally from Yokosuka, where the US Navy was stationed in the past.

Formichetti used this as the inspiration for his outspoken new collection, in which classic pieces like kimonos are reinvented in denim. Blending Japanese tradition with biker details, the collection brings back rock-and-roll leather jackets, shiny studs and the Diesel wolf.