News: Fragrance Competition Winner

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Congratulations to the winner of the bumper designer fragrance hamper, Nic Leonidas. Just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

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News: Profiles & Features | Shane Burnell

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  • Shane Burnell @ Boss Models Photographed by Dylan Kruger
  • Shane Burnell @ Boss Models Photographed by Dylan Kruger
  • Shane Burnell @ Boss Models Photographed by Matt Geeling


Shane Burnell is a feast of visual intrigue. His tattoo-covered body has flung him onto the covers of magazines and the pages of fashion editorials world wide. I use the word flung with intent – that’s rather how it’s been for Shane over the past few months.

I don’t think anyone, let alone he, could have imagined how quickly he’d become celebrated, or that the years of leers would so rapidly turn to cheers! Beneath the rather intimidating wrapping is a really likeable guy, unaffected by his rise in popularity – a man comfortable in his own skin. I like this most about him. Perhaps then, there is more to tattoos than meets the eye? Over a cyber coffee I get to know more about more about the man behind the

eDition: Summer ’14 eDition

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While most men’s magazines are bombarding you with 101 summer style rules (as if you haven’t a clue) we’ve narrowed it down to only 7 you really need to know. 

We hope our selection leaves you feeling inspired and that the Summer’14 Style eDition an easy guide to easy shopping.

See the full eDition here:

eDition: Summer ’14 Grooming eDition

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At last, the holidays are here! the communal sigh of relief is audible as laptops shut down, office doors close, suits are abandoned and brogues kicked off as weary feet slip happily into flip-flops. Just because you’ll be living like a road tripping’ bum for a couple of days doesn’t mean you have to look and smell like one.

See the full summer ’14 grooming eDition here.

Advocates: Bonafide Beards Grooming

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  • Get the Beard Grooming Startup Pack for R440 at
Clayton Swanepoel
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It’s no secret that beards are pretty hip right now. Maintaining and looking after the fuzz, however, has taken a backseat with many faux-hipsters. Don’t be that guy. Bonafide Beards are the only proudly South African beard grooming range that’ll help you tame that facial hair while keeping your manhood intact. Super affordable and possibly the best beard grooming products I’ve encountered, Bonafide Beards are a must-have for anyone serious about their facial follicles. Get the Beard Grooming Startup Pack for R450. 

Fashion: Black Hawk

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  • Black Hawk T-Shirt, R140, Jay Jays Stores Nationwide
    Photographs: Luke Kuisis Model: Jacob @ My Booker
    Photographs: Luke Kuisis Model: Jacob @ My Booker
  • Black Hawk T-Shirt, R140, Jay Jays Stores Nationwide
    Photographs: Luke Kuisis Model: Jacob @ My Booker
  • Black Hawk T-Shirt, R140, Jay Jays Stores Nationwide
    Photographs: Luke Kuisis Model: Jacob @ My Booker

We’re digging these kif (as they’d say in Durbs) Black Hawk t-shirts born on the streets of Durban. But more than just coming from good ol’ Durbs, these t-shirts are made from killa 100% cotton so they’re super comfy in even the most humid climes. Furthermore the collection of prints and graphics is extensive so no matter what your taste or style, you’ll find one, or 2 or three, that’s just right for you. Plus, and it’s a big plus – they’re excellent value at only R140 bucks each.

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Also, check out this cool video they put together

Grooming: Movember

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  • Edwin Jagger Moustache Wax R250, Crabtree & Evelyn and Tweezerman Moustache Scissors with Comb, R310, Dis-Chem Pharmacies


Vanity has no place in the month of Movember, unless of course you are blessed with the genes of Hollywood hearthrobs Clark Gable or Burt Reynolds. Although office corridors (and gyms) are populated with dodgy looking dudes that you wouldn’t trust in any other month of the year, kudos to the men who are touting a ‘tache and creating awareness for prostate cancer, and other cancers, that affect men.

To the vainglorious who won’t be mo’ing, appease your social conscience and make a donation to CANSA. Here

And to all the Hulk Hogans, Magnum PIs, the Dave Boons and the wannabe Don Quixotes – salute!

Your efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed!


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  • Sweat Jeans Grey, R3 999, Sweat Jeans Blue, R4 699, India Ink Leather Shoes R2 799 all diesel


We’re hoping by now that you’re familiar with Diesel Jogg Jeans – the latest hydrid denim range produced using a combination of jersey and denim. If not – it’s time to treat yourself!

To the touch Jogg Jeans feel soft and stretchy just like sweat pants, but to the eye they look and fit exactly like a normal pair of denim jeans …only a million times more comfortable. 

Summer is here – and with it the reluctance to don a pair of skinnies on even the coolest day – but this “miracle-like” invention makes wearing jeans rather blissful.  Jogg Jeans will allow you to continue to enjoy your favourite look yet have both the freedom to move and feel comfy like never before!

See more of our Summer Denim Essentials HERE + stand a chance to WIN R6000 worth of denim prizes. 

Advocates: PUMA Reissues the Boris Becker OG

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  • The Classic Boris Becker OG, R2499, Shelflife
    Keep an eye out on twitter @PUMASouthAfrica and for further details.
Rusty Beukes
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Puma’s bringing back the classic Boris Becker OG, a timeless tennis sneaker that the 17-year old Becker himself wore during his famous and groundbreaking Wimbledon win in ’85. Featuring an all white leather finish and bright red Formstripe, the Boris Becker OG is the epitome of Puma’s tennis heritage.

Made for the court and loved on the streets, I would definitely want to add a pair to my Puma archive. Only a limited number of pairs will be available in SA at Shelflife stores with more coming in 2015.


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  • Gentleman's hand-crafted from hand-machined solid brass and French Oak, R7 500, Wolf & Maiden
    Stockists Wolf & Maiden, Creative Studio, +27 79 088 8174, Unit AG16, The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town


We’re talking the wooden clothing type. We’re hoping you’re the kind of guy that takes care of your clothes and a wooden valet helps you do just that.

The sturdy stand keeps clothes wrinkle free for those that like to prep the night before. It’s also the ideal way to air your clothes after a long day of wear before hanging them back up in your wardrobe.

It’s the perfect solution to keeping your clothes organised and your dry cleaning bills down. And of course they’re a manly addition to your bedroom – sort of Kennedyésque.


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  • Platinum Wax ( back, sack, crack and down there) 60 min R 430, Glasshouse Rejuvenation for Men (


While we’re all for a bit of maintenance, waxing lyrical to your friends about your regular back, sack and crack wax isn’t! However, with summer here we’re hoping you’re planning a tidy-up. Heed the following. Trim your chest hair. No one wants to see a tuft of tresses leering out from your v-neck t-shirt. How short? Your call – but avoid pruning yourself into a prickly pear.

There are places that should glide  — namely, your back and shoulders. Get them waxed by a professional every six weeks or so. While a “little less lawn makes the tree look taller” it is imperative that it looks natural. Trimming your pubes into a triangle is a no-no.

Don’t forget about your butt. Most men’s rears aren’t exactly follicle free – make sure there isn’t a heap of hair lurking below the waistline.

Go bare down there? Never.


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  • Visit to view further collections
  • Woven Rope Stool, R1 250, available at
  • Woven Rope Stool, R1 250, available at


The modern lines and framework, completed with woven rope seating, make the Dark Horse Rope Stool a stylish addition to any man’s home. Whether you’re looking for table seating, kitchen counter or bar stools, this elegant yet masculine design will enhance your space. Our favourite?  The “all-black “collection featured here. 

Dark Horse was founded by talented, local interior design and architecture duo, Lise du Plessis and Jarrad Nelson in 2011. See more of their work at