GUM helps keep you ‘in the pink’ 

If you are seeing red (in the basin or on your toothbrush), you may have gum disease. Follow an effective daily oral hygiene routine and use GUM oral care tools to keep your gums ‘in the pink’.

If you see red when you brush or floss, you may have gum disease, a common condition with potentially serious consequences.

Bleeding gums are never normal – they are usually a sign of gum disease.

Bleeding gums can be easily treated with the right oral care tools, techniques and professional help

Bleeding gums are most commonly caused by inadequate oral care. They can also be caused by
lifestyle factors (diet/medications) and certain diseases.
Products – the best oral care tools for bleeding gums: These are the recommended GUM oral care tools for sensitive or bleeding gums. They are being delivered to you. 



Whether you have a healthy mouth or experience sensitive teeth and tender gums, now is the time to add sonic power to your everyday oral care routine and feel the difference!
The new GUM Sonic Sensitive toothbrush is the latest addition to the GUM range of top-quality oral care tools. Designed especially for people with sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. So gentle, even kids can use it!

GUM Paroex Intensive Action toothpaste 

GUM Paroex Intensive Action Gel is a powerful dual-action toothpaste that combines chlorhexidine, the gold standard for plaque control, and CPC for antiseptic plaque control when you need it most.

 GUM Paroex Maintenance Mouthrinse 

Alcohol-free GUM Paroex Daily Prevention Mouthrinse is an effective daily rinse to help manage sensitive gums and following periodontal treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis. It is also recommended by dental professionals for long-term superior plaque control for healthy teeth and gums. Particularly helpful in cases where it’s difficult to effectively remove plaque, for example people with orthodontics, prosthetics and limited ability to brush.

GUM Trav-lers

GUM Trav-lers are reusable interdental brushes that easily clean in-between the teeth and around dental appliances where your toothbrush can’t reach. With special anti-bacterial bristles for superior plaque removal and an ergonomic handle, they are ideal for everyone – especially adults and children with wide gaps between the teeth, orthodontic braces, sensitive or bleeding gums, implants or bridges. GUM Trav-lers are easier to use than floss and can be more effective

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