RSP NIVEA MEN DEEP Face Wash 100ml R64.99
48h Antiperspirant Spray 150ml R31.99
48h Antiperspirant Roll-on 50ml R21.99
Shaving Gel 200ml R79.99
After Shave Splash 100ml R99.99
Shower Gel 250ml R34.99
500ml R52.99
available at Selected Retailers.
The NEW NIVEA MEN DEEP range is the ultimate performance grooming solution for today’s man. The innovative anti-germ formulation with Active Charcoal (known for its ultra-absorption properties) delivers the deepest clean for a fresh feeling.

Covering every step of a man’s grooming routine, the NEW NIVEA MEN DEEP range includes a face-wash, two antiperspirant deodorants, a shave gel and after shave splash, and a terrific shower gel.

The masculine scent, containing citrus, spicy and warm notes, will leave you feeling clean and perfectly groomed!