If you’re feeling anything like I am, the Corona Virus pandemic has forced me to step back, take stock and have a long hard look at both the choices I make and advocate.  

Men today want the same quality and efficacy from their grooming products as always – but equally, if not more important, we also want to support brands that align with the values of a conscious-lifestyle. Now feeling good – outside and in – is possible thanks to NATURE BOX.

Harnessing nature’s best, NATURE BOX combines ethical and sustainable practices with effective care in a game-changing approach and available in four product lines, AVOCADO, COCONUT, APRICOT and ALMOND, contain cold-pressed oils extracted from fruit seeds and nuts.

Better yet – they are also VEGAN, free from silicones, artificial colours, sulphates and parabens. Cold pressing is the most efficient extraction process, allowing the oil’s essential nutrients to be entirely preserved to deliver a nutritional punch to the hair and skin. Nature Box products are neither refined nor processed, meaning all their valuable vitamins in the oils, such as A, B, C, D and E, as well as antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, are not lost.

Nature Box is now available at Clicks in stores and online.


FEATURED: Nature Box Avocado Shampoo 385ml – RSP 119.99, Nature Box Avocado Conditioner 385ml – RSP 119.99, Nature Box Avocado Secret Repair Cream 150ml – RSP 99.99, Nature Box Avocado Shower Gel 385ml – RSP 69.99, Nature Box Avocado Body Scrub 200ml – RSP 89.99