When Louis Vuitton suggested a trunk, I just said “Yes!” I’ve always wanted one! The trunk is very personal; I have handwritten labels for all of the compartments: fake eyeballs, fake teeth… Of course, anybody could put underwear or t-shirts inside instead. 

The colour scheme is inspired by my parrot- he’s this iridescent green and there are all of these other colors when he spreads his wings. I thought it would be great if the outside looked old and well-traveled, with all of these stickers on the Monogram. We used some of my images for the stickers. It was just so much fun! 

With LOUIS VUITTON, I talked about all of the other things inside the trunk that could be pulled out and used. It was then I said, “How about a camera bag?” I shoot backgrounds when I’m on the road – hence the separate messenger bag.