Sixty Years in the Mix

Then and now, the Classic and Contemporary fragrances all men need to know about, today.

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From the iconic Tabac Original cologne of 1959 that instantly evokes the clean, masculine freshness of a barbershop, timeless Aramis Classic that continues to define cool decades on, icon of the eighties YSL Kouros, the revolutionary nineties unisex Calvin Klein CK One, the enduring Hugo Boss, Boss Bottled of ’98, icons in the making Gucci Pour Homme & Hermes Terre d’ Hermes of the early 2000’s, the influx of heavier parfums in recent years from the houses of Chanel, Bvlgari, Versace, Tom Ford, Armani to name but just a few, to the newest launches from Montblanc and Paco Rabbane of 2019 all in the mix .

Give your scent selection a SHAKE-UP with any of these!

1959 TABAC Original Cologne

One of the most successful men’s fragrances of all time,
TABAC Original Cologne opens with all the freshness of green top-notes, drying down to a warm and woody base that hasn’t lost its masculine charm in sixty years.
(100ml Cologne R560.00)

1965 ARAMIS Classic Natural Spray

Created in 1965 and dedicated to men with an appreciation of
timeless classics, ARAMIS Eau de Toilette Natural Spray, with its masculine warm, woody and leathery character continues to appeal to men decades on.
(110ml EDT R1150.00)

1981 Yves Saint Laurent KOUROS

As much an icon of the eighties as double-denim, disco and pretzels, Yves Saint Laurent KOUROS, with its distinctive musky and powdery overtones,
remains a stand-out fragrance for men to this day.
(100ml EDT R1400.00)

1994 DOLCE & GABBANA Pour Homme

An enduring classic, DOLCE & GABBANA Pour Homme opens with refreshing and energising citrus notes with aromatic sage and lavender at its heart
and a warm, woody and masculine base.
(125ml EDT R1615.00)

1994 Calvin Klein CK One

The revolutionary unisex fragrance blurring the lines between traditionally feminine and masculine scents, Calvin Klein CK One opens with crisp citrus notes followed by fragrant florals and sensual sandalwood, amber and musk.
(100ml EDT R975.00)

1994 Issey Miyake L’EAU D’ISSEY Pour Homme

When it comes to a time-honored classic
Issey Miyake L’EAU D’ISSEY Pour Homme is right up there with the best of them. A masculine and fresh woody-aquatic scent with crisp citrus notes, it remains as ever-popular today.
(100ml EDT R2075.00)

1998 Hugo Boss, Boss BOTTLED

For more than two decades men the world-over have enlisted the magnetic and charismatic charm of Hugo Boss, BOSS BOTTLED with its fresh, clean
and woody masculine character.
(100ml EDT R1285.00)


For the connoisseur, Gucci GUCCI POUR HOMME, with its provocative incense, tobacco and woody undertones, potent sillage and longevity is forever a refined and elegant choice for discerning men.
(90ml EDT R1480.00)

2009 Terre d’ Hermes PARFUM

A balmy fusion of grapefruit and orange blended with oak moss and sensual warm, woody notes, Terre d’ Hermes PARFUM is as popular today as it was a decade ago.  
(100ml EDT and 80ml Shower Gel R1745.00)

2011 Gucci GUILTY Pour Homme

The seductive and provocative composition of
Gucci GUILTY Pour Homme opens with lavender, lemon and orange blossom and supported by the warm, woody accords of cedar and patchouli ensure an icon in the making.
(90ml R1495.00)

2013 Ermenegildo Zegna UOMO

As striking as the bottle itself, Ermenegildo Zegna UOMO is a zesty combination of orange and lemon fused with violet and cedar, and a masculine base of vetiver and woody notes.
(100ml EDT R1330.00)

2014 Bvlgari Man IN BLACK

Bold and charismatic Bvlgari Man IN BLACK is an intense composition of amber, leather, spices and woods. With accords of natural rum and seductive tonka bean, it’s a
captivating choice for elegant evenings.
(60ml EDP R1260.00)

2015 Dunhill London ICON

Aromatic and woody, Dunhill London ICON opens with fresh bergamot and neroli, a spicy heart of black pepper and cardamom supported by a smoky and woody base with all
the appeal of a sensual scent.
(100ml EDP R1645.00)

2015 Issey Miyake NUIT D’ISSEY Parfum

Magnetic and mysterious, Issey Miyake NUIT D’ISSEY Parfum opens with hints of pink pepper and grapefruit, an elegant heart of vanilla and leather and supported by sensual tonka bean base, make it the consummate after-dark choice.
(75ml EDP R1235.00)

2016 Armani Code PROFUMO

The attention-grabbing choice for men who want a big,
bold scent, Armani Code PROFUMO is a spicy and aromatic blend of orange,
apple and lavender infused with cardamom, nutmeg and warm leather accord.
(110ml EDP R1860.00)

2016 Dunhill ICON ELITE

Hot on the heels of its successful predecessor, and the third incarnation of Dunhill Icon, Dunhill ICON ELITE is a spicy and woody concoction featuring vetiver, cardamom, sandalwood and ebony with sweet juniper berry in the mix.
(100ml EDP R1645.00)

2017 Creed VIKING

A fiery fragrance that bottles the fearless spirit of boundless exploration, Creed VIKING is and aromatic fusion of bergamot and lemon, lavender, rose and pink
pepper tempered with warm and sensual woody notes.
(100ml EDT R5410.00)

2017 Gucci Guilty ABSOLUTE Pour Homme

Renowned for its above average longevity and powerful sillage, leathery and woody
Gucci Guilty ABSOLUTE Pour Homme, is a seductive
and alluring scent with lingering appeal.
(90ml EDP R1285.00)

2017 Emporio Armani STRONGER WITH YOU

With just the right amount of lingering sensual sweetness,
Emporio Armani STRONGER WITH YOU is a modern fusion of spicy top notes, aromatic sage,
and a seductive base of smoky vanilla.
(50ml EDT R1150.00)

2017 Diesel BAD INTENSE

The attention-grabbing choice for men who want a big, bold scent
Diesel BAD INTENSE is distinctly spicy and woody with hints of decadent black caviar, white tobacco and ample rugged allure.
(75ml EDP R1250.00)

2017 TOM FORD Oud Wood Intense

Unrestrained, lavish and intense
TOM FORD Oud Wood Intense Parfum introduces new dimensions of oud at its richest, most luxurious saturation, ignited by the smoldering grip of angelica roots and cypress.
(50ml EDP R4400.00)

2017 Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue EAU INTENSE

The sensual allure of
Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue EAU INTENSE Pour Homme combines watery and citrus freshness with a base of musky and woody notes in an irresistibly seductive and masculine scent.
(100ml EDP R1470.00)


A limited edition within Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection,
Tom Ford FUCKING FABULOUS Parfum is a provocative concoction of bitter almond, orris root, leather, cashmerean and clary sage. The name says it all.
(50ml EDP R3715.00)

2018 Burberry, Mr. Burberry INDIGO

A fresh and casual edition of its heavier predecessor,
Burberry, Mr. Burberry INDIGO boasts lemon and rosemary mingled with mint and violet, while amber and oak moss add warmth and depth to the composition.
(100ml EDT R1850.00)


The most intense rendition since the Chanel BLEU de Chanel eau d’ toilette in 2010, Chanel BLEU DE CHANEL PARFUM is a sensual blend of citrus and pineapple fused with cedar and sandalwood that lingers sensually on the skin.
(100ml PARFUM R2385.00)

2018 Acqua di Gio ABSOLU

The new edition of the original Acqua di Gio of 1996,
Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio ABSOLU, is presented in 2018 as a marine-woody interpretation that’s set to be as successful as any of its predecessors.
(75ml R1520.00)

2018 Coach PLATNUM

Following the success of Coach for Men in 2017, Coach PLATNUM is a dynamic scent where Sage and sandalwood contrast with fruity pineapple tempered with black pepper
and warm, leathery notes.
(100ml EDP R1480.00)

2018 Bvlgari Man WOOD ESSENCE

A hint of nature in the urban sprawl, Bvlgari Man WOOD ESSENCE melds citrus and spices with aromatic and clean notes of Cypress Wood, Haitian Vetiver and Cedar Wood, commands attention in the best way possible.
(100ml EDP R1680.00)

2018 Jimmy Choo Man BLUE

Aromatically fresh on the surface, yet resolutely masculine with hidden earthy undertones, Jimmy Choo Man BLUE is a modern and sophisticated choice that complements a suit as effortlessly as it does your favourite blue jeans.
(100ml EDT R1295.00)

2018 Dolce&Gabbana The One GREY

A flanker to the 2008 original The One, Dolce&Gabbana The One GREY is a fresh fusion of citrus, aromatic herbs, spices and grey woody notes with nuances of tobacco that transcends
easily from day to night.
(50ml EDT Intense R1165.00)

2018 Hugo Boss HUGO REVERSED

As crisp, clean and quirky as the bottle itself,
Hugo Boss HUGO REVERSED opens with zesty grapefruit and bergamot, a heart of rosemary and a masculine base of Haitian vetiver, sure to enliven your day or night.
(125ml EDT R1195.00)

2018 Kenneth Cole FOR HIM

Inspired by the high-tech streets of New York, Kenneth Cole FOR HIM boasts unique ‘sea-stone’ accord fused with woody notes, authentic saltiness and translucent jasmine culminating in a modern and magnetic fragrance.
(100ml EDT R1245.00)

2018 Terre D’ Hermes

A fresher and lighter interpretation of the original,
Terre D’ Hermes EAU INTENSE VETIVER with hints of Sichuan pepper, is a sophisticated scent that can be worn with ease and confidence, day or night.
(100ml EDP R1935.00)

2018 Versace

Cool and warm, sweet and spicy Versace EROS FLAME fuels the fire of passionate love with a rousing blend of Italian citrus, black pepper and rosemary, a heart of rose and a sensual base of woods, tonka and vanilla.
(50ml EDP R1160.00)

2019 Montblanc EXPLORER

From South Africa to Haiti, Italy, Germany or Indonesia,
Montblanc EXPLORER invites wearers on a fantastic olfactory journey discovering the rarest ingredients that create this new and alluring woody, aromatic and leathery concoction.
(100ml EDP R1395.00)

2019 Paco Rabanne PURE XS NIGHT

The return to eroticism strikes again, only this time
Paco Rabanne Pure XS NIGHT is even more profound than its predecessor, tantalizing the senses with a potent and seductive blend of ginger, vanilla and myrrh.
(50ml EDP R1205.00)


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Photographer | Ian Engelbecht / One League
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