Your Winter Skin Survival Kit

Drying heaters indoors and cold, windy, wet weather out, can make for brutal conditions. Your skin is often left dry, cracked and flaky, or painfully tight, itchy and burning. Good times, right? The only defense is to KEEP YOUR SKIN AS HYDRATED AS POSSIBLE. But before you reach for the nearest bulk-size bottle of body lotion, you need to know NOT ALL MOISTURISERS ARE THE SAME.

To spare you the laborious scientific research and jargon, you basically get two types of moisturisers: Aqueous based and Emollients with a lipid component. The upside of emollients, like Epi-max® Man, is that they increase the skins moisture content BY CREATING A BARRIER THAT REDUCES EVAPORATION. So, it’s twofold really – you’re applying more moisture and at the same time reducing dehydration.
STOCK UP NOW on these tried and true Epi-max® Man products and survive the onslaught of the winter months ahead, comfortably.


An emollient moisturiser, Epi-max® Man Cream is ultra-tough on dry skin. Free of artificial colourants you can use it as often as needed. It’s also unscented so won’t clash with your cologne either. Keep a tube in your gym bag and a tub on your bathroom shelf at all times.

Epi-max Man Cream Tub (400g) RRP: R78.00 and Epi-max Man Cream Tube (100g) RRP: R48.00


A personal favourite, Epi-max Man® Lotion, in it’s easy-to-dispense pump bottle, is lightweight and quickly absorbed so no time wasted with a pre-work all-over slathering.

Epi-max Man Lotion – pump bottle (450ml) RRP: R70.00


Pocket-sized Epi-max Ultra Ointment is a therapeutic ointment that soothes very dry, damaged and cracked skin. By creating a barrier over the skin, it reduces moisture loss and helps the skin to regenerate. Stash one in your bag – it’s great for chapped lips, dry patches and even a quick cuticle fix.

(40g) RRP: R75.00

Epi-max® Man is available at Clicks, Dis-chem and Selected Retailers