Aqua di Parma Colonia 100ml EDC, R2075.00 available in selected Foschini stores

Over a century ago Carlo Magnani, an aristocrat and successful entrepreneur from Parma owned several tailor’s shops in the centre of the city. He traveled the world experiencing a range of international cultures but always missed the country of his birth; he wanted to always keep the sun and light of Italy with him as he journeyed.

So in 1916 he entrusted an important task to a small laboratory in Parma: to capture in an essence, the elegance, style and light of Italy. This led to the creation of Colonia di Acqua di Parma.

Today, Acqua di Parma represents timeless elegance. Orange and bergamot, the Italian Frutti d’Oro (golden fruits), are the mainstays of the fragrance – carefully selected and handpicked, these simple fruits are the essence of Italy captured in a bottle.