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You may know Malibongwe Tyilo as Editor at Large for Visi Magazine, or respected columnist for the City Press. Or you may have spotted his byline on social pics for the Times – but in my opinion he is most loved and adored for “Skattie, What are you Wearing?” – one of South Africa’s most reputable blogs. And not surprisingly so – after 7 years in corporate retail as a buyer, Malibongwe has a well trained eye for style. But above all – Mali is the epitome of charm and grace. Over a cyber coffee we get to know the real Skattie.

I love a dive bar, so I’mma go with the Kimberley Hotel in Cape Town
Land Rover Defender
Favourite tool?
hmmn….I don’t want to give an “ungentlemanly” answer.
Essential item?
My camera, of course!
Beijing Opera
The Moor’s Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie – a completely absorbing read.
Holiday destination?
Cheesy, but yes, Paris
Cape Town
I fell in love with the Al Manzil in Dubai
Wonderwood, Comme des Garcons
Politician and why?
Those guys from the EFF, they’ll never get my vote, but I am a sucker for performance, and their little parliament stunt with the red overalls and maid’s uniforms was brilliant. More than they that they get no further credit!
Biggest fear?
Death. I really do want to live forever, it’s so nice here, i can’t bear the thought of not being here.
Most envious of?
Rihanna. She has achieved earthly perfection when it comes to all things performance! Fashion, style and music.
Would you rather drink sour milk or go to the opera?
Really??? The Opera of course.
Have you ever had a secret desire to be a dancer? And what kind of dancer would you be?
Yes, I can’t dance at all and almost every other day I fantasize about meeting a choreography genius, maybe Jonté Moaning, who will secretly give me lessons, and then one night I’ll surprise everyone at some glam club with dance moves worthy of a Beyonce back up dancer.
Can you sew on a button?
Favourite dish to serve?
Rajma curry (red kidney bean curry)
First job?
Spur waiter, or waitron as they called us. It was a holiday gig, i was 16.
Wax your back?
I have very little body hair.
Are you a fan of the budgie-smuggler?
On a hottie, yes, on me not so much. Grin.
If you could be a woman who would you be?
Rihanna – of course.
Have you ever used sex to further your career?
No, but i have always fantasized about being paid for sex. In fact, a night of wild prostitution is on my bucket list.
Who would you choose to be stuck with on a deserted island?
Rihanna. Of course.
Have you ever had a stalker?
Sadly, not.
What kind of movie star would you be?
The kind that is so pampered and privileged that they lose all touch with reality. Think Gwyneth Paltrow, think Goop. Think no further!
Well Skattie – we think you are more fab than Rihanna!

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