Feed Your Face #4 of 4

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With the summer hols just behind us it’s probably a good time to take stock of your skin. After all it’s been blasted by the sun, surf and likely a few boozy benders. Your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? Forgotten in “after-action-satisfaction”. And that post-jol junk food debauchery has resulted in an outbreak of custardy zits. May we suggest you consider the restorative benefits of a discreetly applied face mask to scrub some of the holiday’s abuse off your mug?

Revives and smooths skin. Removes dead flakes and oil buildup. Pre-shave essential. Clears way for closer shaves. Reduces ingrown hairs. Rounded granules that won’t scratch skin. Wet skin. Rub until Scrub turns white. Rinse well.

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