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Dion Chang is an innovator, creative thinker and walking ideas bank. He is a sought-after trend analyst, and while his feet remain firmly planted on African soil, he uses a global perspective to source new ideas, gauge the zeitgeist and identify cutting edge trends. His trends analysis company – Flux Trends – specializes in tracking shifting social dynamics and understanding consumer mindset, and in particular, translating global trends to ensure they have relevance for South African businesses. He has 20 years experience in the magazine industry and as a media spokesman, which enables him to provide insights into the ever changing relationship between brands, consumers and the communication channels that bind them. He has hosted 3 trend conferences and published 3 trend books - the most recent being, “New Urban Tribes of South Africa”. Apart from being an information source on trends for many journalists, he currently writes columns for City Press, SAA’s Sawubona magazine, Acumen (a C-suite business quarterly for GIBS) and has a weekly online radio slot with BizRadio. He is passionate about youth trends and their impact on an emerging new world order, as well as innovative ideas for greater good.

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Advocates: Swede & Crowe

Written by | Found in: Advocates | Posted on: 3 Jun 2014 - 9:42 am
  • Locally made Swede & Crowe brogues.

My on-going love affair with brogues went to another level with the addition of these beauties by Swede & Crowe. Not only are they unique (my shoe mantra), but they are also designed and made in Jozi, so a proudly South African product. But over an above great design and quality, I especially like the hidden message under the sole of the shoe that reads, worry*less

If you haven’t had the pleasure, check them out on tumblr OR instagram OR on Facebook

Advocates: The Thin White Line

Written by | Found in: Advocates | Posted on: 24 Mar 2014 - 1:30 pm

If autumn in the northern hemisphere was anything to go by, men should be scouring the stores for footwear that has an unmistakable, “thin white line.” From designer brands like Prada to high street brands, men’s shoes had a distinctive detail: either a white sole (or glimpse thereof) or a stripe of white between the sole and the upper, as the picture illustrates. This detail provides a sporty racing stripe to urban footwear, and in winter will give a lightening flash to any grey day.

Advocates: Inverroche Gin

Written by | Found in: Advocates | Posted on: 17 Jan 2014 - 8:38 am

Inverroche distillery lies at the confluence of the Goukou River and the Indian Ocean near the coastal resort of Stillbay. They produce a diverse range of spirits in small batches, limited volume, and handcrafted, but the unique selling point is the use of indigenous flora in the process – in this case fynbos – which gives the gin a unique flavour.

Indigenous fynbos has been used for centuries by the Khoi and San people as medicinal and edible plants. Using ‘veld food’, herbs, flowers, fruit, berries, bark and seeds to heal,  flavour food or  invigorate the body or mind was also adopted by the early settlers and continues today.

However, I just like my gin bespoke…and proudly South African!!


Advocates: Knomo

Written by | Found in: Advocates Fashion | Posted on: 3 Dec 2013 - 7:57 am
  • Knomo Accessories Available at Apple Stores

Knomo is a range of very stylish accessories which focus on business accessories – ie: a much needed reinvention of the drab computer bag. The brand is global (stocked in Apple iStores internationally) and not many people know that the company was started by South Africans living in London, where the HQ is now based. Butter soft leather and fine craftsmanship are what places this brand apart: that and the proudly South African angle, of course.

Advocates: Paper Exhibition

Written by | Found in: Advocates | Posted on: 25 Nov 2013 - 1:56 pm

The pics attached are from an exhibition I saw in London in September at the Saatchi gallery, one of my favourites.

The exhibition was entitled, PAPER, which is self explanatory. However, nothing prepared me for the work of Japanese artist, Yuken Teruya who painstakingly cuts tree shapes into the side of a paper bag, then pushes it through.

All the bags in the exhibition are mounted on ledges (pic 1) and are viewed through the front, and the results are astounding. Pics 2 & 3 are cut from a MacDonalds paper bag, while pics 4 & 5 are cut from a Louis Vuitton carrier, which just goes to show that there is democracy in true beauty and artisty.