eDition: eDition #2

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  • COVER: Corbin Kretzmann photographed by Travys Owen wearing Pringle

Great suits to up your office game, shirts for every occasion and a DIY grooming feature to get you looking great post festive season over indulgence.

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Style: Feed Your Face #1 of 4

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With the summer hols just behind us it’s probably a good time to take stock of your skin. After all it’s been blasted by the sun, surf and likely a few boozy benders. Your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? Forgotten in “after-action-satisfaction”. And that post-jol junk food debauchery has resulted in an outbreak of custardy zits. May we suggest you consider the restorative benefits of a discreetly applied face mask to scrub some of the holiday’s abuse off your mug?

Concentrated antioxidant vitamins. Helps recover from damage. Soothes. Boosts barrier properties and tissue regeneration. Apply to cleansed face. Leave for 7-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Apply weekly or when needed. Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask, R625, Dermalogica.

Advocates: Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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  • BOSE Soundlink Mini Cover Orange, R400, Dion Wired
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High-quality portable sound is a luxury. A luxury that you’ll only appreciate once you’ve got it. Most of the wireless competition in the market sound like tinny PC speakers and have a shocking build quality. Those two factors are exactly what set this Bluetooth-powered speaker apart. Thanks to technical wizardy and next-level engineering, the quality of sound that comes out of this little box is truly amazing, and the impeccable build quality means it won’t fall apart either.

Granted, it’s not cheap – but if you invest in quality like this, it won’t let you down in a few years time. Consider it a sound investment to play music off your phone, tablet or laptop.

Fashion: Advice | Workwear Essentials #12 of 20

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The cardigan is an all rounder office-wear item. It’s easy to layer under a jacket and on warmer days smart enough to wear sans jacket. There’s no colour more sophisticated than grey and, day – or evening – it’s always appropriate. Leave the bottom button or two undone.

News: Louis Vuitton Introduces Desert Philosophies with Matthias Schoenaerts

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A contemporary traveller, the Louis Vuitton man is framed by the vast expanses and stunning landscape of the South-Western United States. Featured in the brand’s latest spring/summer men’s campaign, actor Matthias Schoenaerts speaks with Louis Vuitton about the relationship between the actor and the character, and the joy of traveling and discovery. He opts to journey in style, showcasing the timeless men’s Icons collection. Wouldn’t you?

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News: Design Indaba 2014

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Design Indaba celebrates its 20th anniversary of championing design from Friday 28 February to Sunday 2 March 2014. In the past five years, Design Indaba has contributed over R1.3 billion to the South African GDP – the single biggest economic incentive to the design industry in the country.

To ensure you have the most up-to-the-minute information on Design Indaba 2014 and ticket sales, go to designindaba.com or follow Design Indaba on Twitter or Facebook.

Download the free app for the full Design Indaba 2014 festival experience here: http://www.designindaba.com/app

Fashion: Veuve Cliquot Masters Polo

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  • Leather Penny Loafer, R599, Woolworths
    Remember you are likely to be in a paddock or some sort of field so wear closed shoes. Loafers are good – more relaxed than lace-ups and unless you're planning on mounting a steed forego the temptation to wear boots.
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  • Modern Tailored Micro Textured Suit, R3798, COUNTRY ROAD AT WOOLWORTHS
    A navy blue suit is always a failsafe option for any daytime outdoor event that has an elegant dress code. A pocket square will add a stylish touch.
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  • L/S Collared Shirt, R720, Adriaan Kuiters
    Shirt? Crisp, white and open at the neck.
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  • RAY-BAN RB3025 (58) Aviator, R1750, Sunglass Hut
    For those who like to look like walking sunglass ‘designer’ billboards this just looks crass and cheap amongst this set. Stick to something classic.
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  • Paper Straw Hat, R160, Woolworths
    Chances are you'll be in the sun for a good few hours. Don a straw hat.
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Polo is the new Racing, not only amongst the horsey set but with everyone who strives to keep abreast with the social scene. The Veuve Cliquot Masters Polo at the Val de Vie estate in Cape Town (Saturday 01st March 2014) is one such day when the elite gather for a stylish event that combines ancient traditions, glamour, champagne and world class polo. In the fashion stakes, a day at the Polo falls somewhere between a day at a special race meeting and a nice picnic with friends. So Gentlemen, we ask then that you rise to the occasion in suitable sartorial style.

Living: Coalesse Launches in South Africa

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  • Coalesse is available at Inspiration Office in JHB and CT.

Whether we like it or not – working hours are no longer what they used to be. New technology, mobility and globalisation increasingly forces us to take our work with us wherever we go. Work and life have fused. This is where internationally acclaimed Steelcase brand Coalesse comes to the rescue: by collaborating with international designers, including the likes of Patricia Urquiola and Jean-Marie Massaud, to develop a range of products with the ultimate aim to improve quality of life.

Coalesse has successfully created a direct link between the work environment and other life situations in a way that still manages to inspire us to work – no matter where we choose to.

Fashion: Advice | Workwear Essentials #11 of 20

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In recent years the fashion industry has been promoting the idea of summer scarves. This may sound like a contradiction in terms but let’s take our cue from our stylish mediterranean counterparts who don a scarf instead of a tie. Kind of makes sense doesn’t it. Look for lightweight cotton – knot once and enjoy the airiness of this stylish alternative to the traditional tie.

Fashion: New Suede Shoes

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  • Suede Shoes, R1 149, Green Cross
  • Suede Shoes, R1 149, Green Cross

Okay – here’s the truth. When we first heard that Green Cross had repositioned themselves in the mens footwear category we were a little sceptical.  But Green Cross is no longer the domain of elderly, comfort-seekers, and have successfully combined their expertise in making shoes that are kind to your feet with a fresh, fashionable eye.

We like the leisure collection which offers a range of stylish casual shoes which offer comfort while still looking great. Amidst an impressive selection of sneakers, loafers and sandals we spotted these suede lace-ups that will see any man stepping out confidently in style. They’re the perfect go-to shoe for jeans and chinos.