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  • Linen Jacket, Viyella at Stuttafords
    Image: Byron Keulemans

Linen is old, very old. In fact, it’s as old as the pyramids. Woven from flax plant fibers, its value comes from the ability to keep you cool and comfortable in summer. Invest in a linen suit, a couple of linen shirts, and a few pairs of linen shorts. You’ll feel fresh and stylish wherever you go.

We prefer linen in a plain color. Save prints and patterns for your cottons. The texture alone will make it visually interesting.

Take Care: Machine-washed in a gentle cool/warm water cycle. Better still, we recommend hand washing or dry-cleaning. Best of all – this is the one time creases are welcome. But if they do bug you; iron while damp.

Advocates: Brixton Fiddler Cap

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Andy Ellis
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The thing with hats is that you have to wear ’em, good and proper. Never let the hat wear you. That way, you can wear any darn hat you please. My new fisherman cap is in the mail. It’s called the Brixton Fiddler. Yep, Fiddler. Don’t ask. Just order online. It tops out at $34 before shipping. To see some of the other Brixton hats in the real world, head to Revolution on Long Street or in the Woodstock exchange.

Grooming: Baxter Of California

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  • Travel Kit, Baxter of California at The House of Machines
  • Silver Tip Shave Brush, Baxter of California at The House of Machines
  • Shaving Set Baxter of California at The House of Machines

There was a communal sigh of relief from men all over the country when Baxter of California products arrived at Cape Town’s The House of Machines. For years SA men have been adding BoC’s grooming products to their international shopping lists. Created by Baxter Finley in 1965 in California, BoC has since become one of the world’s most iconic men’s skincare and shaving brands. With old-school packaging and high-tech practice, no grooming regimen is complete, or stylish enough, without a selection of Baxter of California products.


Advocates: Bourbon Backpack by Local SA Designers Dark Horse.

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  • Bourbon Backpack R2400, Dark Horse
Clayton Swanepoel
Style Advocate since October 2013
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Hot damn, this full leather Bourbon Backpack by local designers, Dark Horse, makes me drool! The refined stitching and local milled-pinstripe-cotton interior details make this backpack stylish and seriously sophisticated. Available in a few shades, the hazelnut one is my favourite. Use it for work or play – it’s that damn cool.

Grooming: Skin Care

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  • Xander Ferreira of Gazelle
    IMAGE: Misha Taylor
  • Body Loofah Mitt R80, The Body Shop
    PREP YOUR SKIN: A good scrub down is essential to maintaining an even tan. Wheter you're going for a traditional or sunless tan, exfoliating the dead skin cells exposes healthy skin that will keep it's colour longer.
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  • Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF50 R149.99
    TAKE YOUR TIME: The most common mistake is to try and get a beach-perfect-greek-god tan in 2 weekends. You want to be tanned not fried. Protect yourself with an SPF no less than 30 – you'll steadily and naturally develop colour. It also prevents peeling and losing the colour you have achieved. And stay out of the sun between 11-2pm – even if you are wearing SPF.
  • Nivea SOS Aftersun Relief Lotion R54.99
    MAKE IT LAST: Preserve your color (and skin) with a soothing aftersun lotion that reduces the damaging impact of free radicals and helps hydrate sun parched skin.
  • SPF 15 Lip Balm Stick  Price: .65oz – R40.00, Badger
    PROTECT YOUR KISSES: Chapped, sunburnt lips are an obvious summer loving deterrent! '. Make sure you always apply a lip balm with an SPF factor. Look for one that is rich in petroleum and won't come off easily in the water.Available online at Natures Colours, also available at Wellness Warehouse & Select Dis-Chem and Health Shops.
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You want a tan – but you also don’t want to spend your summer tanning. And while we all know there’s no such thing as a “safe tan”,  sunshine – with all it’s skin-sizzling UV radioactivity – itself feels pretty darn good!

The challenge lies in learning how to tan sensibly. No need to lie down, arms strategically stretched at your sides, timing your turns like a spit roast. Just make some time to be outside – go for a jog, meet some friends for a braai, jump in the pool or better still take your bike for a ride.

Herewith a few easy guidelines, along with some quick cheats to get some colour.

News: Tiger Of Sweden

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  • Tiger of Sweden Flagship Store in the V&A Waterfront Cape Town


Sartorial sophistication has finally made its way to Cape Town. With two stores in Johannesburg, this new architectural, clean cut concept store, inspired by urban lifestyles and minimalism, is only the second of its kind worldwide. Tiger of Sweden started over 100 years ago in 1903, in Uddevalla, a small town on the west coast of Sweden. It may be more than a century later but we say – a wait worthwhile indeed!

News: Louis Vuitton

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  • Louis Vuitton City Guide
    R390 for the individual
 & R5 800 a set, Limited edition, only 3 000 printed. Each box is numbered.
  • City Guide R390, Louis Vuitton
  • Iconic Surf Spot, Muizenberg, in the Louis Vuitton Cape Town City Guide


It’s no surprise that Louis Vuitton, steeped in the tradition of luggage-making, should initiate a travel guide, heralded by the worlds most sophisticated travellers as capturing the heart and spirit of each city explored. Since 1998, Louis Vuitton has been sharing it’s urban wanderlust through it’s City Guides. This year, the collection embarks on a journey taking in 15 of the worlds most exciting cities across all it’s inhabited continents. Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, New York, Paris, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, Venice and – Cape Town!

Whether you’re a leisurely traveller, jet-setting for business or a resident of the city explored, the Louis Vuitton Travel Guides will enrich your every adventure.

Advocates: Arsenal Dressed by Lanvin

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Emma Jordan
Style Advocate since November 2013
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When I read that Lanvin is to be the new “suits to the boots” of the Arsenal football team, my curiosity was piqued. Not so much that one of the world’s best football teams would chose the impeccable cut and slightly left-field design house – these fit fanatics are, after all, notorious shoppers. No, commercial sense aside, I was intrigued by the thought the ebullient Alber Elbaz would look beyond the beauty and glamour of womenswear to clad a side of rough-and-tumble ball-kickers. But then the designer is known for his wit and humour, and perhaps, for him, this is merely a different sort of playing field.

Advocates: Paper Exhibition

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Dion Chang
Style Advocate since November 2013
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The pics attached are from an exhibition I saw in London in September at the Saatchi gallery, one of my favourites.

The exhibition was entitled, PAPER, which is self explanatory. However, nothing prepared me for the work of Japanese artist, Yuken Teruya who painstakingly cuts tree shapes into the side of a paper bag, then pushes it through.

All the bags in the exhibition are mounted on ledges (pic 1) and are viewed through the front, and the results are astounding. Pics 2 & 3 are cut from a MacDonalds paper bag, while pics 4 & 5 are cut from a Louis Vuitton carrier, which just goes to show that there is democracy in true beauty and artisty.


Living: Lounge Chairs

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  • OFFECCT Bond High Chair R29 982 (excl vat), Crema Design
    Designed by French architect and designer, Jean-Marie Massaud, the Bond High Chair is characterised by a minimalistic and gentle form that is very easy on the eye. Fabric or leather? The choice is entirely yours although we lean towards the luxury of leather. Footstool optional, but we say – put your feet up!
  • 30Chair/retro R9 990, LIM
    Walnut turned legs, Hennessy leather upholstery and retro lines invoke 50's nostalgia, cognac and cigars. Enhance your mantuary with a pair of these lounge chairs and relax in style.
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  • STM Swivel Base R18955 (excl vat), OKHA
    Scandinavia meets Africa. OKHA sets a new standard in the world of contemporary furniture and design with a distinctive and personal style that personifies African luxury. The masculine lines, solid wood frame and leather finish of the STM Swivel lounge chair will add an air of distinguished, yet unstuffy elegance to any man's home. Our personal favourite? – Walnut frame, oyster gazelle leather and black powder coated base.
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  • The Lowline Armchair R12 230, Tonic Design
    Reminiscent of the 1950's Florence Knoll Armchair, this contemporary interpretation, with polished stainless steel legs and simple linear lines, will add formal simplicity to any space. In our It's the epitome of modern luxury and masculine minimalism. Enquire: +27 011 327 2028
  • Ben Chair R26 500, Weylandts
    Relax in style with this inspired reproduction of Danish designer Arne Jacobsen's iconic Egg lounge chair. Hand-ageing techniques give the leather the look and feel of an old biker jacket.Your den is not complete without one.
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After a crazy day at the office or a big night out on the town, the first thing you want to do when you walk through the front door is collapse into your favourite lounge chair. That old hand-me-down you’ve had since varsity may be comfy and broken-in, but it simply wont cut it in the style department. Make sure your chair of choice looks as good as it feels.